Hedges & Leaves

No garden is truly complete without the inclusion of trees, hedges and shrubs. The right hedge can provide an ideal boundary and form a beautiful backdrop to your garden. A well-positioned tree or shrub can create an interesting focal point. Whether you choose a deciduous or evergreen variety, you will need to maintain your hedges to keep your garden looking at its best during the growing season. In the autumn, your garden will look tidy if you keep on top of fallen leaves.

The Green Reaper offers an extensive range of top brand hedge trimmers, garden vacuums, leaf blowers and lawn sweepers to deal with your hedges and leaves. Our range of multi tools will carry out an array of gardening tasks all in one machine.

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Hedge trimmers and hedge cutters are indispensable during summer, when hedges grow quickly and lose their form, becoming untidy and often creating an obstacle

Hedge Trimmers


Garden vacuums & leaf blowers provide a quick and easy solution to your garden litter problems, efficiently clearing up lawns, borders, driveways and patios

Vacuums, Blowers & Sweepers


A cost-effective way of buying a range of powered gardening tools without the added expense of purchasing each piece of equipment separately

Multi Tool Systems


Head and leg protection, protective jackets, boots, braces, gloves, harnesses and first aid kits for your safety

Personal Protective Equipment


Whether you're clearing, planting, pruning or just pottering, we have a selection of well-made, affordable gardening hand tools right for the job

Hand Tools