AL-KO Comfort 38E Combi-Care Electric Lawn Scarifier
AL-KO Comfort 38E Combi-Care Electric Lawn Scarifier AL-KO Comfort 38E Combi-Care Electric Lawn Scarifier AL-KO Comfort 38E Combi-Care Electric Lawn Scarifier AL-KO Comfort 38E Combi-Care Electric Lawn Scarifier AL-KO Comfort 38E Combi-Care Electric Lawn Scarifier AL-KO Comfort 38E Combi-Care Electric Lawn Scarifier
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The AL-KO Comfort 38E Combi-Care electric lawn scarifier & rake improves further upon its predecessor the award-winning 38VLE model.

Not only does the new design look great, but performance is enhanced thanks to the smooth underside which reduces debris accumulating and requires less cleaning, together with the large front air intakes which ensure efficient motor cooling and improved collection performance.  Incorporating larger rear wheels, the machine is more balanced and stable in operation and storage.

Through tool-free cassette changing it is simple to swap between the scarifying roller with three-step steel blades and the lawn raking roller with efficient steel spring prongs.  Gentle care lawn raking is achieved with 24 specially formed steel spring hooks, whilst more intensive scarifying is achieved with 14 special blades made with hardened steel.

It is quick and easy to adjust the working depth via the five-position central dial - one touch is sufficient to reach the desired depth: set it high for light raking duties, or low for deeper aeration using the hardened steel blades. A visual safety indicator shows whether the shaft is properly fitted and secure.

Featuring a 38cm working width and large 55 litre collection box, the durable AL-KO Comfort 38E Combi-Care enables you to carry out complete lawn care with a single machine.

NB: Supersedes 38VLE model.  A new look for an old favourite!

Product specification

Brand: AL-KO
Motor: Electric
Rated Voltage: 240V
Power Watts: 1300W
Working Width: 37cm (lawn rake) / 38cm (scarifier)
Working Depth: 5 stages
Height Adjustment: Central
Blades: 14 steel scarifying blades
Tines: 24 lawn rake spring tines
Collector Capacity: 55L
Power Cable: 12m
Weight: 15kg
Warranty: 2 years

Scarifying or Raking

The roller change does not require tools, so it is simple to change from the scarifier roller with three-stage steel blades to the lawnrake roller with efficient steel spring tines – complete lawn care in one machine.

The Right Working Depth, Always

Five-stage working depth adjustment with just one hand motion. This is important because the blades should just touch the ground when scarifying, in order to avoid them wearing down unnecessarily quickly and to avoid damaging the grass roots.

Quick Roller Changes

Quick and easy, the rollers are changed without tools by means of a thumbscrew. An optical safety indicator indicates whether the roller has been inserted correctly.

Height Adjustment

The four stage height adjustment of the handlebar is securely integrated in the housing enabling the handle bar height to be adjusted depending on the users height for comfortable working.


The large ventilation slots ensure adequate ventilation of the engine and are attractively integrated in the housing.

Easy to Clean

The smooth underbody of the scarifier means that when the scarifying work is completed, cleaning the machine is quick and easy.

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Founder Alko Founded in 1931 by Alois Kober as a small metalworking shop in southern Germany, AL-KO has become a global player comprising of more than 50 sites in 30 countries. The AL-KO Group today employs over 4,200 people worldwide covering three business divisions - Vehicle Technology, Garden + Hobby, and Air Technology. All AL-KO employees take great pride in the quality products they manufacture. 

For greater enjoyment in the garden

For more than 50 years, AL-KO has been developing and designing innovative garden tools for an extremely wide range of requirements and applications. Not only do AL-KO tools reflect its many years of expertise in technology and function, they also set new standards in terms of design. 

When the best is expected

With Germany efficiency, AL-KO's research and development engineers create pioneering garden tools from hundreds of individual parts. Materials of the highest quality, ingenious technology, perfect ergonomics and a sure feel for form and deteail make AL-KO's garden tools unmistakable.

The rigourous quality requirement that characterises the AL-KO band is guaranteed through its comprehensive technology programme that is consistently planned and implemented by AL-KO development engineers, designers and technicias - from the first design, to prototype construction and the end product.

Why not take the plunge into the world of AL-KO and get to know its high-quality products - without doubt you will find just the right implement for your requirements. AL-KO has everything you need for the garden, whether you are mowing, trimming, shredding, mulching, scarifying, lawn raking, cultivating, splitting or clearing ... 


All machines come with a two year warranty, following this machines have an extended warranty depending on the range and annual servicing by an authorised AL-KO dealer.

AL-KO Warranty

Solo by AL-KO

AL-KO has recently acquired Sindelfingen-based SOLO Kleinmotoren GmbH to strengthen its range of garden machinery. The existing AL-KO range is being expanded with petrol chainsaws and trimmers, providing customers with expertise and strong, tradition-rich brands in one product range.

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4.8888888888889 Star Rating
Apr 26 2020
David Connolly-Hart
This is a very light machine to use and easy to operate. Quick to assemble and change blade. Would recommend this machine w
Apr 19 2020
Only used a a scarifier / rake as yet, and my, how effective! Follow instructions use lowest setting to start, and away you go! Only complaints are cable retainer easily blocks the movement of on switch and collector box fills too quickly! Too pedantic! Great effective product and easy to use. ALKO quality!
Apr 13 2020
robin howie
I have just scarafied over 1000 square meters of lawn. Very impressed with Combi. Also so easy to change the cutting tools.
Sep 29 2019
Easy to assemble and to change the blades. The rear wheels are larger than on earlier models making it easier to manoeuve. The underside covered by a plastic shield which will make it easier to clean after dealing with damp grass. I was able to scarify a lawn approximately 80 x 30 feet in just over an hour. I understand that this new model has a thermal cut-out switch to protect the electric motor from over-heating and burning out. However, I consider that it would be advantageous if the scarifier was provided with an air filter that was easy to remove and clean, particularly when scarifying lawns in dry weather and producing much dust. I am pleased with the scarifer and with the speed of delivery.
May 06 2019
This is an excellent machine. It has coped very well with our 500 square metre lawns. The only improvements I can see would be a much larger collection bag with wheels at the back end to stop it tipping over and an air blower into the bag to compact the grass so as to get more into it.
Oct 02 2018
Adrian Griffiths
very pleased with the service, goods arrived within a couple of days from ordering, no damage to packaging and everything inside was in perfect condition. Have used the lawn rake on my tuff old lawn and was effortless, now waiting a few days before scarifying in order to top dress and add new seed. The machine runs very quietly and could not be heard in the house, excelent
Jun 21 2018
Andrew Jeffery
Having read various reviews about the scarifier I decided the 38E was the best for me and I have to say so far it has met my expectations. The quality is better than models offered by large DIY retailers and the width is larger than most. I'm looking forward to the lawn being softened by rain so I can take maximum advantage of the 38E. I can not fault the supplier Green Reaper.
Jun 29 2017
Raymond Ewen
Yes strong machine assembled it very quick only down fall is the collecting bag is on the small side it's actually better with out it and then rake it up
Mar 31 2017
Would recomend to anyone who wants a good quality domestic type Machine