Cobra SA32E 2-in-1 Electric Scarifier & Aerator
Cobra SA32E 2-in-1 Electric Scarifier & Aerator Cobra SA32E 2-in-1 Electric Scarifier & Aerator Cobra SA32E 2-in-1 Electric Scarifier & Aerator Cobra SA32E 2-in-1 Electric Scarifier & Aerator
RRP: £119.99
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At this price, you can afford to treat your lawn to a bit of pampering with this two-in-one electric aerator and scarifier from Cobra.

It is supplied with two interchangeable cylinders; a 12-bladed aeration cassette which will cut discreet slits in your turf to allow oxygen to better penetrate the root network; and a 36-spring-tine scarifying drum that will gently tease out any moss and thatch build up that may be inhibiting healthy growth.

The four-position working depth adjustment is operated using a single lever so you can be as gentle or aggressive in your approach as needed, with depths ranging from -9mm up to +4mm. This lightweight machine has a compact 32cm (13") working width, whilst debris is collected in a 40 litre textile grass catcher.

The Cobra SA32E combination scarifier and aerator is powered by a 1300 watt electric motor, comes with a 10 metre cable and is backed by a two year manufacturer's warranty for domestic use.

Product specification

Brand: Cobra
Rated Voltage: 240V-50Hz
Power Watts: 1300W
Working Width: 32cm / 13"
Working Depth: -9mm - +4mm
Height Adjustment: 4 settings
Blades: 12 blade aerating drum
Tines: 26 tine scarifying drum
Collector Capacity: 40L
Power Cable: 10m
Sound and Noise Data: 94dB(A)
Vibration Level Data: 3.2m/s²
Weight: 10kg
Warranty: 2 years for domestic use

Removes thatch and moss effortlessly

The Cobra SA32E comes with both a 13" scarifying drum and a bladed aerator. These can be easily interchanged depending on the job in hand.

Aerate to produce a stronger, more vigorous lawn

In addition to the scarifying drum, the Coba SA32E comes complete with a bladed aerator that has 12 high quality steel blades.

The main reason for aerating is to alleviate soil compaction. Compacted soils contain too many solid particles in a certain volume or space, which prevents proper circulation of air, water and nutrients within the soil. 

The Cobra SA32E is the perfect macine for breaking down compacted soil and producing a healthier, more vibrant lawn.

Removes thatch and weeds

The Cobra SA32E is a lawn scarifier and aerator in one compact machine which will bring an end to hours of raking, forking and scraping to give you a lawn to be proud of year after year.

Featuring a high power 1300 watt motor that drives the 32cm working width, the SA32E is ideal for fast removal of unwanted moss, thatch weeds and other debris in a domestic environment.

Using the SA32E just once a month will result in more room for your grass to grow, improving water, feed and oxygen penetration that reslts in better quality, stronger roots.

Ergonomically positioned operator controls puts the power in your hands

The Cobra SA32E has been designed to make raking your garden a simple and effortless task.

The ergonomically positioned controls not only make operator use more comfortable but, more importantly, make using the machine as safe as possible.

Powerful 1300W electric motor

Driven by its powerful 1300 watt motor, the Cobra SA32E makes short work of domestic gardening tasks.

The 1300 watt motore enables the SA32E to effortlessly remove moss and thatch from your lawn thanks to its strong raking performance and incredible tine/blade speed.

10 metre cable length for longer working distance

There is nothing worse when using garden machinery than finding that you need extension leads to complete your jobs.

The Cobra SA32E is supplied with an impressive 10m cabe to ensure that you can reach all corners of your garden without the need for extra help.


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4.6 Star Rating
Apr 29 2020
Peter Telford
I have not used it on my own lawn yet but my neighbour borrowed it to do his lawn, he only used the scarifier but from what I've seen it looks to have removed the moss from his lawn. On the evidence from what I've seen I would definitely recommend the product.
Apr 26 2020
James Callaghan
Fantastic product , unbelievable price , will definitely be delighted to use again . Thank you so much .
Apr 26 2020
Very robust solid machine.Made an excellent job of 2 fair sized lawns.Delivered next day to ordering.Very pleased
Apr 26 2020
impressed with your service and delivery.The machine performed very very well.It exceeded expectations.
Apr 25 2020
Kevin Barr
Apr 24 2020
Julia Read
I love it got a builders sack full of moss, hired a scarifier last autumn not half as good as this light, efficient machine. Soon got into the routine of emptying the bag every turn of my largish lawn. My neighbour has now borrowed it don’t know when I’ll see it again!
Apr 24 2020
Apr 18 2020
Amazing result. Just what my lawn has been waiting for,
Apr 16 2020
Brilliant as a Scarifier. No motor issues that others have reported on different review websites. Only 4 stars because it is not an effective Aerator. I didn’t buy it for this, so not a problem for me, but the aerator setting will only scratch the lawn surface rather than aerate the lawn.
Apr 13 2020
Trevor Pemberton
The scarifier works well for raking moss out of a heavily infested lawn. The collecting bag was a bit of a puzzle to assemble without any clear instructions but worked well as far as it goes. But my moss overwhelmed its capacity and I found it easier to proceed without it and use a plastic rake to gather the moss later. I hav e not yet used the aerator facility
Apr 11 2020
Andrew Lavelle
excellent delivery service kept informed of my order ten mins to put together instructions could be a lot better starifier my grass in no time kept empty the collector a few times trick is don’t let it fill up exchanged to the aerator simple process and off I went again packed away for next time happy with my purchase would recommend
Oct 27 2018
James Timperon
Already have a cobra lawnmower so trust the brand. Price was competitive, delivery service was excellent. Out of the box the instructions weren't great, but in 10-15 minutes was all worked out and assembled. Used already, yes the collector box fills up, but this is normal depending how much thatch in your lawn. Very pleased with the purchase and service.
Jun 11 2018
Alan Forman
Jul 01 2017
So far so good. Does the job it is supposed to.
Jun 16 2017
Reg Cox
I have only tried the scarifier to date. I find it does a very acceptable job, pity it has smaller width than lawn mower. If you don't concentrate you find you leave a section missed. The instruction booklet could do with expanding, as the bit about the collection assembly fades to nothing. I , even after several tries, have not been able to fit it so that it collects more than about 10 yards, and no more is collected, it is left on the lawn, to be raked later.A list of all the parts, to enable you to be sure you've got everything, could in that list show all the numbers in the sketch( a bit bigger).