Gardencare AC31106 102cm / 40" Trailed Plug Aerator
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Best used in late autumn or spring, when the moisture content of the turf is at its highest, the Gardencare tow-behind plug aerator allows sunlight, air, moisture and nutrients to penetrate the root system, at the same time as loosening-up compacted soil. Whe undertaken regularly, this process will leave you with an enviably lush and green-looking lawn. 

Constructed of long-lasting steel in black, the Gardencare towed plug aerator is equipped with a weight tray and 24 heat treated steel core tines which penetrate up to 3" deep. Featuring a 102cm (40") working width, the Gardencare AC31106 runs on a pair of 10" pneumatic tyres for smooth transport, while being gentle on the turf. The aeration spools can be raised from the driver's seat with a single cantilevered handle.

A universal hitch pin is included, making the unit suitable for use with most makes of ride-on lawn mower or lawn tractor.

Product specification

Brand: Gardencare
Working Width: 102cm / 40"
Tines: 24
Penetration Depth: 3"
Tyres: 10" pneumatic
Tow Hitch: Integral pin hitch
Weight: 35kg
Dimensions: L: 107cm x W: 36cm x H: 28cm
Warranty: 2 years


For many years, Gardencare has been a name acclaimed for quality, refinement and excellence. Its products have evolved continuously, drawing upon the company's own expertise and the experiences of its customers, to produce a fine range of garden machinery.

Gardencare is well known for the excellence and reliability of its lawn mowers, lawn tractors, chainsaws and its whole range of garden equipment. Gardencare machines are designed and produced with great care and attention with the emphasis being on producing quality products that are easy to use, more efficient, safe and respectful of the environment.

Choosing a Gardencare machine means that you have chosen a product with excellent performance standards that is ideal for use in your garden.

Buy a Gardencare machine with confidence at competitive prices, with the after sales support you would expect from a leading manufacturer. Gardencare is only sold through a network of specialist dealers. These garden machinery experts will ensure that you purchase the correct model for the particular demands of your garden.

Gardencare products have a comprehensive two year manufacturer's warranty, which gives you peace of mind and protects your investment. When you buy a Gardencare machine you are buying a quality machine that will provide you with years of service and reliability.

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4 Star Rating
Sep 29 2019
Colin Wilson
When eventually assembled and the lawn is not bone dry, the aerator does a good job. Moving it around when not attached to the lawn mower is tricky as even when raised there is not much ground clearance and the spikes catch easily, especially across a gravel drive,It has a 2 year guarantee but I am not sure if the wheel attachments will last that long. Following the instructions to assemble the whees parts gives quite detailed tightening, but following that means that the wheels to not turn freely and when loosened so that they do turn means wobbly wheels.
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