DR Power Grader with EZ-Dial
DR Power Grader with EZ-Dial DR Power Grader with EZ-Dial DR Power Grader with EZ-Dial DR Power Grader with EZ-Dial DR Power Grader with EZ-Dial DR Power Grader with EZ-Dial DR Power Grader with EZ-Dial DR Power Grader with EZ-Dial
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Make your driveway like new with a towable power grader from US manufacturer DR Products. The 48" model grades a full 122cm wide but utilises a new compact design for those who have limited storage space. Best of all, you can enjoy all the benefits of DR power grading at a low price!

With just a few simple turns of the DR 48" Power Grader's EZ-Dial adjuster, you can fine-tune the grading depth without leaving the driver's seat. By eliminating the battery and powered actuator (found on larger models), DR has come up with a new compact design that takes up less than half the floorspace of the larger graders.

Make no mistake however, this new design still provides all the advantages of DR power grading - loosening material with its 12 durable carbide scarifying teeth to a depth of 3/4" below ground, and levelling this material with its scraper blade to eliminate potholes and washboard on any unpaved driveway.

Equipped with a dual hitch design which is both ball and pin compatible, the recommending towing vehicle is a mininum 14hp or 400lb lawn, garden or utility tractor, an ATV or UTV.

Not just for driveways, the DR 48" Power Grader is ideal for smoothing out footings in horse arenas and levelling the ground before seeding a new lawn.

Product specification

Brand: DR
Working Width: 122cm / 48"
Teeth: 12 carbide tipped steel
Highest Teeth Level: Varies by hitch position
Lowest Teeth Level: 0.75" below ground
Working Depth Adjustment: EZ-Dial manual depth control
Levelling Blade: Solid 1/4W thick steel
Frame: Steel
Side Rails: Solid 1/8" thick steel
Tow Hitch: Dual hitch (pin or ball)
Recommended Towing Vehicle: Min 14hp or 15lb lawn/garden tractor, utility tractor, ATV, UTV
Tyres: 8" diameter
Dimensions: L: 172cm x W: 124cm x H: 112cm
Weight: 60kg
Warranty: 2 year domestic manufacturer's warranty, 90 days commercial


A simple hand crank allows you to adjust your grading depth right from the driver’s seat. Dial it down to grade aggressively, or dial it up to create ground clearance (for transporting or turning around between grading passes).


Adjustable Control

The EZ-Dial stanchion can be positioned to accommodate different tow vehicles and the comfort of the operator.


Carbide-Tipped Scarifying Teeth

The scarifying teeth cut into the road surface, to loosen materials for redistribution. These teeth are extremely durable - the same material is used on well drilling bits and excavating equipment - but can easily be replaced.


Dual Hitch

The EZ-Dial Power Grader includes both a ball hitch (shown) and pin hitch so you can easily hook it up to a wide variety of mowers, ATVs or UTVs.


Reversible Rear Leveling Blade

Use the flat edge to smooth out graded materials. Use the toothed edge when you want to “fluff” the top material (for example, in a horse arena).


Built-In Weight Rack

For more aggressive excavating action, the top of the frame is designed to seat a pair of standard cinder blocks.


DR POWER EQUIPMENT is passionate about the spirit of country living.

Based in rural Vermont, the employees of DR POWER EQUIPMENT enjoy caring for their land, and take great pride in beautifying and improving the place they call home. DR POWER EQUIPMENT appreciates the customers need for quality products that are durable, simple and useful.

That's why, since 1985, DR POWER EQUIPMENT has been manufacturing and selling products that make outdoor work easier and more enjoyable. DR POWER EQUIPMENT only offers products that they use themselves, each one vigorously tested for performance and durability, described truthfully, and guaranteed to be of the best quality and value available.

DR - Done Right!

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