DR Pro XL 44-20 ES Tow-Behind Field and Brush Mower
DR Pro XL 44-20 ES Tow-Behind Field and Brush Mower DR Pro XL 44-20 ES Tow-Behind Field and Brush Mower DR Pro XL 44-20 ES Tow-Behind Field and Brush Mower
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The Pro XL 44" field and brush mower is one of DR's newest innovations which is causing a bit of a stir in the undergrowth! Compact and economical, this tow-behind model does the work of far larger and more expensive equipment, so if you have a lot of land you want to reclaim and maintain, this is the machine for you.

Boasting an exceptionally strong robotically-welded steel frame and powered by a 650cc Briggs & Stratton Professional Series V-Twin engine with electric start, the Pro XL 44" towed field and brush mower is equipped with lugged tyres, articulating hitch, reinforced blade spindle and an electric clutch - durable features which combine to ensure you will be mowing for many years to come.

The DR Pro XL 44-20 ES field and brush mower has a 44" cutting width to ensure swift progress at a rate of up to two hours per hour. The mower is capable of cutting through up to 6' high grass, 8' high weeds and brush and 3" thick saplings. It features swinging brush blades which mean the spindle and engine are protected as the blades pivot and the belt slips when they come into contact with an immovable object. The blade spindle has a 1-3/8" thick steel shaft mounted top and bottom with 30mm ball bearings. The mower's new floating deck is suspended from the frame, allowing it to ride over uneven ground, minimising scalping and protecting the drivetrain from damage.

DR's Step and Mow™ technology makes it easy to select your mowing height. The height can be set to 4", 5", 6¼" or 7½ with a one-step, foot-operated adjustment system.

Fitted with an articulating hitch, the DR tow-behind field and brush mower can be completely offset from the towing vehicle, left or right. As a result, the towing vehicle can be kept in the clear while the mower takes down the heavy stuff.

Product specification

Brand: DR
Engine: Briggs & Stratton
Engine Model: Professional Series V-Twin
Engine Type: V-Twin OHV
Displacement: 656cc
Rated Power Output: 15kW / 20hp
Torque: 30fpt
Horsepower: 20hp
Engine Cylinders: 2, cast-iron sleeved
Start Method: Electric
Propulsion: Towed
Fuel Tank Capacity: 9.4L
Lubrication: Full pressure pump
Cutter Deck: Floating, 12 gauge steel
Blades: 2
Width of Cut: 44" / 111cm
Minimum Cutting Height: 10mm
Maximum Cutting Height: 19mm
Height Adjustment: Each Wheel, 4 positions: 4", 5", 6¼" or 7½"
Cutting Capacity: Up to 243cm / 8' high, 7cm / 3" diameter brush & weeds
182cm / 6' grass
7cm / 3" diameter saplings
Productivity: Up to 2 acres/hour
Wheels: 4
Tyres: Front: 11" x 4.5", never flat tread
Rear: 13 x 5-6", tubed
Tow Hitch: Standard pin hitch
Optional tow ball kit DR22147HK
Dimensions: L: 146" (with tow bar extended) x W: 46.6" x H: 32.5"
L: 370cm x W: 116cm x H: 82cm
Weight: 210kg
Warranty: Machine: 2 years residential, 90 days commercial
Engine: 2 years residential; 1 year commercial

Large Cutting Width

The 44" wide cutting deck ensures swift progress when cutting through weeds, brush, grass or even 3" thick saplings.

Powerful Engine

The Pro XL 44 features DR's most powerful brush mower engine, a hefty Briggs & Stratton 650cc V-Twin with overhead valve and cast iron cylinder sleeves for long life. Easy to start and comfortable to use, the engine features a debris management system that protects it from whatever you kick up while you are cutting.

Floating Deck

The deck is suspended from the frame, allowing it to ride up and over high points, minimising scalping and protecting the drivetrain from damage.


Step and Mow™

Choose your mowing height with Step and Mow™ height adjustment. The height can be set to 4", 5", 6¼" or 7½" with an easy, one-step, foot-operated adjustment system.

Pivoting Blades

Unique swinging blades pivot when hitting an immovable object, to protect the mower’s blade, spindle and engine.

Remote Control

A remote control allows you to engage and disengage the mower blade - right from the driver’s seat of your towing vehicle.

Chain Debris Guard

Similar to the debris shields used on commercial roadside mowers, this guard stops material from flying forward.

Mows Outside Wheelbase

The mowing blade extends outside of the wheels, so you can mow right up next to fences, walls, hedgerows and other obstacles without interference.

Big “Brush Bar”

The 2.75” thick steel frame acts as a brush bar, pushing over saplings, brambles and other vegetation before feeding it under the deck.


44” Mulching Deck

The 44” mowing deck is enclosed on three sides, so cut material is chopped and re-chopped, leaving windrows behind.


Outrigger Tow Bar

The two-piece tow bar allows for offsetting the mowing deck to the left or right...or you can mow right behind your tow vehicle.


Mow up to Two Acres per Hour!

Mowing times will vary with conditions (depending on the density of growth and features of terrain) but, hooked up to your lawn tractor or ATV, this field and brush mower can clear as much as two acres per hour, while you ride in comfort!




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