Special Solo Parts Order - Spray Nozzle Yellow (4 x SO4074501)
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Brand: Shindaiwa


Shindaiwa is a leading Japanese manufacturer of professional-quality outdoor power equipment, including trimmers and edgers, brush cutters, chain saws, hedge trimmers, blowers, sprayers, cut-off saws, power brooms, and models featuring the revolutionary C4 Technology®. Shindaiwa markets its products around the world.

Shindaiwa products represent the latest in 2-cycle and hybrid 4-cycle engine technologies, reflected by outstanding power-to-weight ratios and features that promote longer unit life, quieter operation and reduced exhaust emission. The company solicits user and dealer input on product performance, comfort, and safety. Then, Shindaiwa builds its equipment to the tightest tolerances in the industry. And, each unit is run and carefully adjusted before it leaves the factory.

Some manufacturers would have you believe that the only way to a powerful engine is large displacement. But at Shindaiwa, we know that compression, port size and shape, carburetion, and a host of other factors come into play as well. That's why Shindaiwa machines deliver more horsepower per unit of displacement than its competitors'. To get equivalent power from them, you have to buy a unit with a bigger, heavier engine that consumes more fuel, generates more emissions, and is, often, more costly. Shindaiwa dares you to compare Shindaiwa's impressive standard features and reliability against models of equivalent horsepower. It knows you'll appreciate how much lighter, easier, and more efficient is a Shindaiwa.

Shindaiwa matches components to the machine for a custom-built feeling from every product. It doesn't use the same components throughout the line like other manufacturers might. Its engineers design each product individually. They specify all the required components from shafts and outer tubes to carburetors and pistons, to handles in order to match the workload of the machine. You get the lightest, strongest, most powerful machines possible. So, if your Shindaiwa feels custom built just for you, that's exactly what its engineers intended.



Every Shindaiwa power tool is backed by a five year warranty for domestic use or a two year warranty for commercial use.


 This comprehensive cover ensures peace of mind for the operator. Registration of the Shindaiwa tool and servicing with an authorised dealer is necessary to validate the warranty.


Shindaiwa. First to Start. Last to Quit.

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