Personal Protective Equipment

Here at The Green Reaper, we care about the safety of our customers, and want to make sure that you’re well protected when taking on any high-risk gardening activities. To help with this, we’ve sourced a large range of high-quality safety gear that’s perfectly suited to gardeners of every type - from professional tree surgeons, right through to hobby gardeners with a real passion for tackling difficult jobs themselves.

It doesn't matter whether you’re clearing an area of brush, or felling a tree. You’ll want to be suited and booted with all the right measures for a safe trim, cut or saw exercise, and you’ll want to take precautions before using any potentially harmful chemical agents too.  

Chainsaw jackets and boots protect you from flying debris, and feature strong polyester and steel toe cap guards that are more than capable of  mitigating the impact of a falling limb. Our goggles, on the other hand, offer unrivaled protection for your eyes, and are perfect for any job that’s likely to send small splinters of wood flying towards your face.

With plenty of room for smooth movement, our protective clothing is an essential investment for safety conscious gardeners, landscapers and tree surgeons, as are our durable harnesses, and brush cutting jackets, which have been designed to protect from flying debris, and are an absolute must for professionals.

Protective trousers round off the lower half of your kit, and are particularly useful if you’re working with shrubs and brush, whilst protective headgear keeps your head safe from the knocks and bumps encountered during routine labour. We also have extra leg protection, braces and gloves, making long hours of manual work kind to your fingers and thighs. Our protective garb is all about making gruelling work as risk-free as it possibly can be, and we’re confident that we’ve got you covered here. For more information about the items in our range, please select one of the options below:

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Don’t open yourself up to the possibility of a nasty accident. Slip into safety boots and gaiters that’ll repel saw blades and falling debris with ease.

Boots & Gaiters


With adjustable straps and intelligent clip design, you can’t go wrong with our braces, ideal for pinning your safety trousers where they belong.



When things get messy or the volume gets too high, slip on our quality eye and ear protection, including dust goggles and wire mesh helmets.

Eye & Ear Protection


Hands are particularly vulnerable, which is why we offer a range of safety gloves featuring gel-filled joints, anti-slip materials and more.



From single shoulder straps to professional, full body gear, our harnesses feature all industry-standard safety enhancing features.



Choose from a range of top-quality head protection that’s guaranteed to mitigate the risk associated with a great many dangerous gardening jobs.

Head Protection


Don’t be cavalier with your safety options; pad out your wardrobe with industry-leading leg protection that offers ample covering and reliable protection.

Leg Protection


We've got your upper body covered with protective chainsaw and brush cutter jackets to keep you safe and warm while working.

Protective Jackets


Featuring ultra-stretch fabric, our range of protective trousers ensure additional protection for your clothes and legs, without hampering your mobility.

Protective Trousers & Chaps


The Green Reaper’s protective kits are all-in-one packages that guarantee safe gardening, without the faff of locating individual items yourself.

Protective Kits