RRP: £319.99
OUR PRICE: £299.99 (including VAT)

Saw Benches That Slide To An Easy Victory

Chainsaws aren’t for everyone, and we recognise that the safe, measured use of saw benches can do the business in equal, if not better, level of efficiency. With a pivoting bench system that sheaths the blade back up as soon as you’re done, our products have the strength and security to assist you with challenging timber tasks.

Regimented is the standard result of a saw bench, allowing for log cuts that are almost exactly the same, time and again. Running on a powerful electric motor, our models aren’t daunted by thick, difficult wood. For larger logs, just rotate them and attack from different sides, unrelenting in your mission for smooth, manageable stacks.    

With wheels for added manoeuvrability, and handles to help you transport it to the site of the action, there’s so much to love about The Green Reaper’s saw benches. As the perfect partner for outdoor lumber work, there’s nothing quite like a humming saw bench to give you more teeth.