SCH 100 Litre Towed Broadcast Spreader TBS100
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The SCH TBS100 is a 100 hundred litre capacity spreader ideal for spreading fertilisers and grass seed. It features wide profile wheels for superior grip to drive the all-metal gearbox, which in turn drives the spreading disc.

The spreader may be used, when fitted with the optional guard (BSG), to spread dry salt and sand. This is composed as a steel conical shaped deflector plate with two adjustable side supports that hook on to the chassis.

(NB: main picture shows optional guard fitted.)

The spread width of 2 to 5 metres is determined by the forward speed of your towing vehicle (maximum 10mph). It is possible to operate the broadcaster by hand, which can be useful on narrow pathways and restricted areas. An adjuster lever is set to meter the correct amount of product to be broadcast. This opens or closes the all-metal flow rate disk located at the bottom of the hopper. According to the specific weight of the fertiliser to be spread, it is possible to direct the blades to obtain even scattering to the left or right.

The SCH TBS100 spreader works on centrifugal action for granular and non-granular materials, towed by a tractor or self-propelled vehicle. The centrifugal action is generated by the rotation of the spreading disc with four blades positioned on the circumference.

Optional Extras

  • Hand operation handle (Ref HBS)
  • Broadcasting guard (for salt and sand spreading) (Ref BSG)

Also available in 50 litre capacity.

Maintenance and Storage
After 50 hours, grease the wheel hub assembly, check that all nuts and bolts are secure and tighten if necessary, check tyre pressures. At the end of each season, or in the event of long periods of disuse, it is necessary to carefully clean the spreader and discs of fertiliser. Check transmission and replace over used or damaged parts. Grease well to avoid rusting and cover. Only the user will benefit when finding the machine in optimal condition after a period of disuse.

Product specification

Brand: SCH (Supplies)
Type: Broadcast Spreader
Hopper Capacity: 120kg / 100 litres
Spread Width: 2 - 5 metres
Power Requirement: 4.5hp
Tyres: 15" x 6.00" x 6"
Overall Width: 810mm
Dimensions: H: 1000mm x W: 810mm
Weight: 40kg
Warranty: 1 year manufacturer's
  • Wide profile pneumatic wheels minimise wheel markings and give extra power to the drive system
  • All metal gear box
  • Positive row end shutdown
  • Strong metal construction

    British Products for Outdoor People

    They say that necessity is the mother of invention – and this is certainly true of the birth of SCH (Supplies) Ltd.

    Back in 1986, Managing Director Andrew Rodwell became frustrated at the lack of suitable lawn care attachments to fit to his garden tractor.  Not being one to back away from a challenge, Andrew set about designing and manufacturing the attachments he wanted and started selling them to friends who had encountered the same problem. 

    SCH Supplies Limited now has over quarter of a century's experience in the manufacture of quality grounds care machinery and is proud of the fact that 90 per cent of its products are British built. SCH products are robustly made and, in most cases, very simple to use. The company can supply almost everything you could possibly want to tow behind your estate or garden tractor, including a range of lawn care maintenance machines, waterers, sprayers and trailers, as well as specialist equestrian and sports surface machines.

    Based in Ipswich, Suffolk, SCH celebrated its 25th anniversary of manufacturing estate and garden machinery in July 2011. Since its formation, the company has grown to 20 employees manufacturing over 150 different products, not to mention the 'one offs'. If required, SCH will work with a customer to build a bespoke garden machine to agreed specifications.

    Please NoteDue to the nature of this specialist equipment, SCH Supplies builds its products to order and prefers to deliver using its own transport, which is why we quote a two week lead time. 

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