Sheen X500 Flame Gun Package - X300 Flame Gun with Hood and Trolley
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The Sheen Flame Gun X500 package comprises the X300 flame gun complete with hood and trolley.

  • X300 Flame Gun

The X300 Flame Gun is an alternative and very effective way o controlling weeds in the garden and does it without the distribution of chemicals. The X300 Flame Gun destroys weeds with its 2000 degrees Fahrenheit controlled flame. When directed at the base of weeds it stops sap rising, so the top growth dries out in a day or two. A second use of the flame gun consumes dried up weeds and weed seeds leaving a potash rich residue.

The fuel (Paraffin) is contained in an air tight tank and is forced into the burner via a control valve by air pressure supplied by the built in pump. The paraffin is pre-heated and vaporised for passing through ahelically wound coil. The end result being a 2000 degree Fahrenheit flame.

  • X300 Hood

The hinged hood accessory will allow you to keep the flame contained within the hood. Hence, it is particularly useful when carrying out inter-row weeding, and weeding under trees, shrubs and bushes.

  • X300 Trolley

The trolley accessory will allow the operator to use the flame gun on the trolley (and avoid the need to carry the gun whilst in operation). Hence, it is particularly useful when tackling large areas and when burning off strips in a straight or smooth line (eg: weeding edges, paths and drives).

Product specification

Brand: Sheen
Fuel: Parrafin
Fuel Tank Capacity: 4.55L
Temperature: 2000 degree Fahrenheit flame
  • 2000 degrees Fahrenheit flame
  • Integral pressure pump
  • Pressure gauge
  • Precision control valve and burner
  • 1 gallon fuel tank capacity
  • Weighs 11kg
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4 Star Rating
Aug 02 2019
William BENNET
well built and British! what more can you ask
Feb 21 2017
Cynthia Hurst
Really impressed with this "flamethrower"! Saves on expensive chemicals and bending down to remove the weeds manually.
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