Tondu Wheel & Tyre for HWTL Wheeled Trimmer Mower
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Replacement wheel and tyre to fit Tondu HWTL wheeled line trimmer. (Order two for a pair.)

Product specification

Brand: Tondu


Tondu garden and lawn tractor accessories offer a wide range of great value equipment including carts, dethatchers, spreaders and rollers. To help you get the maximum out of your lawn tractor, most Tondu products can be towed behind to help with your jobs around the garden all year round.

A Tondu cart is ideal for transporting soil, gravel and sand. A dethatcher will quickly and efficiently remove moss and thatch from your lawn. Achieve traditional green stripes on your lawn with a garden roller. Evenly distribute fertiliser, grass seed, ice melt and salt with a push or towed spreader.

The Tondu brand is distributed in the UK by the Lawn & Garden Division of E P Barrus Limited who recently celebrated their first 100 years in the business.

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4 Star Rating
Sep 09 2016
The HWTL machine is robust and has done a lot of rough work for me over two seasons. Some of the work has been with thick grass on steep slopes. Sideways pressure on the spokes results in breakage, and when one plastic spoke goes the rest follow. The plastic choke lever on the handle bar was also frail, and has had to be improvised. In general, though, it is a good machine, quite easy to start, maneuverable and not too heavy. Alternatives appear to be prohibitively expensive. This one is owned by a Parish Council. Ian Jeffrey