Hand-held Blower Vacuums

Superb for the clearance of leaves and small debris in gardens and outdoor spaces, you'll find a hand-held blower vacuum essential for tidying up during the autumn months. What’s more is that, unlike blowers, these vacuums will ensure you’re removing the problem entirely rather than moving it elsewhere. Whether you need to clear your garden of stray grass cuttings, or winds have blown debris all over your manicured lawn, The Green Reaper has just what you need.

Our range of hand-held blower vacuums includes cordless, battery powered models for fuss-free ease of use, along with standard electric models for those who are looking for an economical option. Petrol powered blower vacs are also available for serious jobs and commercial operators.

In addition to their clearing abilities, many of the machines we supply are also shredder vacuums, which means that they have a mulching facility which reduces the gathered material into valuable compost. They’re both useful and environmentally friendly.

Our range of top quality blower vacs comes from trusted and expert manufacturers such as Cobra and Flymo. Don’t forget that orders over £50 also come with free delivery to most UK mainland addresses. Order today or give us a call to discuss your needs.

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Cordless garden blower vacuums are battery-powered to provide an environmentally-friendly solution to ridding your garden of fallen leaves.

Cordless Blower Vacuums


Electric garden blower vacuums are more powerful than ever, some surpassing their petrol-powered brethren.

Electric Garden Blower Vacuums


A petrol blower vacuum will help keep your garden tidy and make the task of leaf clearance that bit quicker and easier.

Petrol Garden Blower Vacuums