Powered Brushes / Sweepers

RRP: £1,196.40
OUR PRICE: £989.00 (including VAT)

Get Your Walkways In Shape With Powered Brushes & Sweepers

The joys of garden maintenance rely just as much on the finishing touches as the main body of work, and we never let anything get between you and the perfect outdoor showcase. Step your clearing capabilities up a notch with powered brushes and sweepers, wiping away the mess that leaves a bad taste in the mouths of gardeners everywhere.

Like a regular broom or sweeper, but motor-powered to the max, these models breeze over pathways, public squares and any space that should be spotless, lifting dirt and scattered debris away from the ground. Height variants allow you the freedom to sweep throughout the year, fighting back snow, sand and sneaky intrusions of vegetation.

Collecting options mean dirt and dust won’t just be spewed out on either side of these tools as they chug diligently on. They’re very easy to guide, coming with alternative speed settings that adapt to whatever you deem necessary. So wipe those doubts away and get stuck into these excellent powered brushes and sweepers.