Webb PK45CH Professsional Petrol Brush Cutter
Webb PK45CH Professsional Petrol Brush Cutter Webb PK45CH Professsional Petrol Brush Cutter Webb PK45CH Professsional Petrol Brush Cutter Webb PK45CH Professsional Petrol Brush Cutter Webb PK45CH Professsional Petrol Brush Cutter Webb PK45CH Professsional Petrol Brush Cutter Webb PK45CH Professsional Petrol Brush Cutter
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Equipped with a large-diameter drive shaft, robust gearing and a heavy duty clutch, the PK45CH is Webb's top-of-the-range professional petrol brush cutter which is built to handle the rigours of all day, every day use by commercial contractors.

The high performance Kawasaki 45cc two-stroke, air-cooled engine employs the renowned Japanese manufacturer's innovative technology to deliver maximum efficiency with low emissions. The engine is protected by a polyurethane foam air filter to promote longer service life, whilst Kawasaki's KAR recoil assist system requires less effort pulling the starter cord to achieve ignition.

User safety is paramount, so the centrifugal clutch will bring peace of mind whereby the cutter head is only engaged with the throttle is applied. Comfortable working for prolonged periods is provided by the anti-vibration system and full shoulder harness.

The Webb PK45CH is supplied with a 25cm three-tooth blade as well as a 46cm bump feed dual line head making the brush cutter adaptable to clear dense overgrown areas as well as to tidy up lawn edges and fence lines. The cowhorn-style handlebar optimises manoeuvrability.

Weighing 12.6kg, the brush cutter is backed by a two year warranty.

Product specification

Brand: Webb
Engine: Kawasaki
Engine Model: TJ45E
Engine Type: 2-stroke, air-cooled
Displacement: 45.4cc
Rated Power Output: 2,2kW
Start Method: Recoil
Ignition System: Electronic, KAR Recoil Assist
Carburetor: Diaphragm type
Air Filter: Polyurethane foam
Spark Plug: BPMR7A
Fuel Tank Capacity: 1L
Fuel / Oil Mixture: Petrol and mineral oil : 25:1
Petrol and semi-synthetic oil: 50:1(refer to oil manufacturer)
Fuel Consumption: 632g/kWh
Brush Cutter Blade: 25.4cm / 10" 3-tooth metal
Nylon Line Head: 46.5cm / 18" bump feed
Line Diameter: 2.4mm
Shaft Length: 1500mm
Handle Type: Cowhorn
Harness: Double shoulder
Standard Tools: Screw wrench 17x19mm
Spanner 8x10mm
Allen key 4-5mm
Clutch: Centrifugal
Anti-Vibration: Yes
Vibration: Max level during use: <8.2m/s²
Max level for idling: <6.1m/s²
Sound and Noise Data: Sound pressure level: 102dB(A)
Sound power level: 107dB(A)
Guaranteed sound power level: 110dB(A)
Dimensions: L: 186cm x W:66cm x H: 46cm
Weight: 12.6kg
Warranty: 2 year conditional


Power in your garden...

Webb strives to deliver the highest performance with results you will be proud of. Whether it be cutting your lawn or trimming your hedges, Webb makes light work of the toughest gardening jobs.

Relaunched in 2011 by G J Handy Distribution who have been supporting the garden machinery since 1938, Webb Garden Power products have been designed by utilising many years of experience gained within the UK. Over 79 years of experience has been crafted into every Webb product to create a comprehensive range of lawn mowers and machinery. 

Webb stands for quality. Finely crafted machines enhanced by modern technology. Its cylinder and rotary mowers are some of the best on the market for the perfect finish, whatever your needs. Webb mowers are built with practicality in mind, they are easy to use and easy to maintain. They are designed for people who want a machine that will give them a quality finish.

You can also be assured that Webb is concerned with more than just the greenness of your grass, it offers environmentally-friendly mowers with low emission, energy efficient engines and a complete range of push and electric mowers. Webb machines are designed, built and supported to the highest standard, as you would expect from a quality brand. 

Webb Electric Garden Products

Webb Garden Power's newly introduced range of electric rotary mowers provide customers with a range of sizes from 33cm (13") through to 40cm (16"), they are brimming with great features that make cutting your lawn easier. Features include a single lever height adjustment, cutting heights ranging from 20mm up to 70mm, grass combs for improved cutting performance, up to 50 litre grass collection capacity plus a beautifully crafted design that looks stylish. Webb Electric mowers are perfect for small to medium garden types and are lightweight for easy manoeuvrability.

The Webb electric garden blower vacuum delivers higher performance and features that support heavier more demanding tasks such as high blow speeds, 10 to 1 mulch ratio and access to the shredding impeller for ease of access and unblocking. 

Webb Classic Petrol Rotary Mowers

The Webb Classic mower range provides customers with the perfect solution when tackling small to medium gardens where electric is not suitable. They provide an entry into the petrol mower range at affordable prices whilst delivering a great finish and no compromise on quality. Powered by Sanli engines, these mowers come with varying deck widths from 40cm (16”) or 46cm (18”) and are available as a standard push or self-propelled. All Webb Classic mowers provide a single lever height adjustment feature and cut from 25mm to 70mm. With up to 60 litre grass collection, you can cut the grass for longer between emptying.

Webb Supreme Petrol Rotary Mowers

The Webb Supreme range is built with higher performance in mind. Every Supreme mower is supported with a Briggs & Stratton engine and is available through 40cm (16”) to 53cm (21”) cutting widths. With 11 different options including high wheel mowers for undulating ground types to side discharge, self-propelled or push, Webb has the mower for every lawn type. All Webb Supreme models host great features to make your life easier. The perfect solution for medium to large lawn types where time is of the essence and quality of cut is paramount.

Webb Supreme Petrol Rear Roller Mowers

These mowers are designed to support gardeners with small to large lawn types where the traditional stripped lawn effect is required. Due to the split rear roller, these mowers are ideal for gardens with boarders as a cut over the edge can be achieved without damage to your lawn. With a low cutting height ranging from 23mm to 77mm it is possible to achieve a quintessential British Garden look. Webb Roller mowers vary in cutting widths from 40cm (16”) to 48cm (19”) and can support every garden size with this desired result. The Briggs & Stratton engine supports increased power and performance, ensuring a long life for your mower. 

Webb Petrol Hand-Held Machinery

Webb provides a portable petrol solution for those medium to large garden types whether it be cutting hedges, trimming long grass or heavy brush, lopping trees or vacuuming the leaves from your lawn. Supported with two-stroke petrol power from 26cc to 43cc and no compromise on quality, Webb hand-held machinery delivers the solution to these more demanding gardening chores. No need to be tied down by a cord or limited to a battery life, Webb petrol gives you that complete freedom around the garden.

Webb - naturally.

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