Weibang Legacy 48 VE Variable Speed Rear Roller Petrol Lawn Mower [Electric Start]
Weibang Legacy 48 VE Variable Speed Rear Roller Petrol Lawn Mower [Electric Start] Weibang Legacy 48 VE Variable Speed Rear Roller Petrol Lawn Mower [Electric Start] Weibang Legacy 48 VE Variable Speed Rear Roller Petrol Lawn Mower [Electric Start] Weibang Legacy 48 VE Variable Speed Rear Roller Petrol Lawn Mower [Electric Start] Weibang Legacy 48 VE Variable Speed Rear Roller Petrol Lawn Mower [Electric Start] Weibang Legacy 48 VE Variable Speed Rear Roller Petrol Lawn Mower [Electric Start]
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The Legacy 48 VE is a premium quality 48cm rear roller lawn mower which forms part of the new Weibang range offering exceptional durability, quality and value for money. Upgrades include a new brand identity in red, with other refinements including an upgraded rear roller system and new cable layout which have become standard across the Legacy range.

The Weibang Legacy 48 VE is petrol-powered by a reliable Briggs & Stratton 750EX DOV Series engine. It features the latest engine technology from Briggs & Stratton, utilising a compact lithium-ion battery which mounts directly into the engine for simple and hassle-free starting. The lawn mower features a professional variable speed gearbox which allows the operator to both reduce and increase the forward speed of the machine to suit cutting conditions.

The cutting height can be centrally adjusted via a single lever from 13mm to 67mm. The robust 48cm aluminium deck provides resistance against corrosion, whilst the rear roller will give the lawn a traditional striped finish.

Featuring a fan-assisted cut and collect cutting system, grass clippings are collected in a 72 litre grass box. The machine is also fitted with important anti-vibration mounts which considerably reduce vibration levels so the mower is more comfortable to use for longer.

As an added bonus, the Legacy lawn mower series features an upright service position for easy and safe access to the underside of the cutter deck.

Why choose a Legacy?

The Weibang® Legacy has been designed from the ground up with three key factors - quality of finish, performance and reliability. The key to the unrivalled striped finish of the Legacy is its perfect weight distribution. The engine and cutter deck make the majority of the weight of the machine, however the key to the perfect striped finish is to have enough weight directly over the rear roller. Through extensive research and development, and thousands of hours of testing, the Legacy offers the perfect balance for performance, and an unrivalled striped finish from a rear roller lawn mower.

The Weibang Legacy 48 VE rear roller lawn mower is backed by an industry-leading five year warranty for homeowner use.

The original 2015 Weibang Legacy Rear Roller was chosen and tested by the prestigious WHICH? magazine for a 'FIRST LOOK' feature.

"Cuts and collects well, cuts short grass, leaves strong stripes."

"I tried it out on a fairly flat lawn with short grass and it cut and collected the grass extremely well and left a strong stripe."

"For a heavy machine it was quite easy for me to manoeuvre it close to obstacles to get a neat cut around the lawn edges. If you have a very fine lawn, you can cut down to 13mm, which is ideal - not many conventional petrol mowers do this."

"I took it through some longer grass, around 100mm high, and I was impressed at how well it collected the longer clippings."

"I'm not the best at starting petrol lawnmowers so the electric start with a key was very welcome and made things a lot easier. The pace of the mower was easy to control so I didn't find myself racing to keep up with it. I found the cutting height simple to change and the grass box was no problem to remove, empty and replace."

Which? First Look

Product specification

Brand: Weibang
Recommended Lawn Area: 400 - 1000m²
Engine: Briggs & Stratton
Engine Model: 775iS Series DOV® InStart®
Engine Type: 4-stroke, DOV, InStart
Displacement: 161cc
Rated Power Output: 2.7kW
Starting Method: Electric Start
Throttle Control: Yes
Propulsion: Variable speed
Ground Speed: 0.68 - 1.39m/s
Cutter Deck: Aluminium
Width of Cut: 48cm / 19"
Minimum Cutting Height: 13mm
Maximum Cutting Height: 67mm
Cutting Height Adjustment: Central, 11 positions
Collection System: Fan-assisted collection
Grass Collector: Fabric grass bag
Collector Capacity: 72L
Bag Full Indicator: Yes
Blade Brake Clutch: No
Mulch Capable: No
Handle Type: Folding, height adjustable
Wheels - Front: 178mm / 7"
Rear Roller: 127mm / 5"
Weight: 57.5kg
Warranty: 5 years domestic, 90 days commercial

Aluminium Mower Deck

All Weibang Legacy rear roller mowers have aluminium cutter decks which are designed to deliver the optimum airflow to deliver the best performance. The decks are designed to last due to their anti-corrosion properties and are supplied with a 25 Year warranty.

Robust Build Quality & Comfortable Operation

The heavy duty adjustable handle brackets are designed for a long life whilst the anti-vibration technology and ergonomically designed premium handle provides maximum user comfort.

High Collection Performance

The specially designed high performance airflow mower blades fitted to the Weibang Legacy range produce the optimum airflow required for both cutting and collection performance, even at the lowest cutting heights. The grass collector also features an integrated airflow fabric enabling the collector to be filled to maximum capacity.


Exclusive Roller Design

The rear rollers featured on the Weibang Legacy lawn mowers are robotically welded to ensure the highest levels of quality and consistency. The roller ratchet system offers up to 10 times more strength and durability than rival models.

Strong Cables

The cables fitted to the Weibang Legacy roller mowers are made up of 7 twisted strands. Each one of these strands contain 7 individual lengths of steel wire for maximum strength and lifespan.

Heavy Duty Gearbox

The Weibang Legacy roller mowers in the homeowner range are fitted with heavy duty aluminium variable speed gearboxes which allow the user to set the drive speed to suit the conditions and optimum comfort.

High Quality Wheels 

The premium quality wheels are manufactured from cast aluminium with double ball bearings and feature a rubber tyre offering a high level of traction.

Other Key Features

Premium Power

This Legacy lawn mower is powered by reliable Briggs & Stratton engines with electric start.

Variable-Speed Transmission

The variable-speed gearbox allows the operator to reduce and increase the forward speed to match the cutting conditions.

Clean Controls

The designed operator controls have been specially grouped together in one place for a simple appearance and easy use. A new cable layout has become standard across the range.

Service Position

The upright service position allows easy and safe access to the underside of the cutter deck. These feature also gives the lawn mower a reduced footprint for more compact storage.

Superior Collection

The collector features an integrated airflow fabric which indicates when the collector is full.

Weibang CPS (Crankshaft Protection System)

Due to the demands of cutting at low heights, the increased risk of hitting objects and damaging the blade and crankshaft are extremely high. The new Legacy features a crankshaft protection system to avoid accidental and costly damage. 

5 Year Domestic Warranty

For peace of mind, the Weibang Legacy rear roller lawn mowers are supplied with a five year domestic warranty.


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Weibang Garden Machines was founded in 1997 in Yangzhou, a famous Chinese city steeped in years of history and culture.

Weibang specialises in manufacturing professional garden machines which include lawn mowers, ZTR ride-on mowers, lawn aerators, power rakes, chipper shredders, sod cutters, lawn rollers, log splitters and stump grinders. Maximum reliability and the highest level of performance, even in extreme conditions is the hallmark of Weibang machines. Every detail of a Weibang machine is designed to last, with heavy-duty professional quality components and the highest quality materials. A Weibang machine is designed to be a part of your life, for life.

Weibang products are distributed in more than 30 countries and are being imported into the UK from 2014 by Rochford Garden Machinery.

Comprehensive Warranty
Weibang products feature a comprehensive five year domestic warranty across the product range, offering true peace of mind for your investment. The Weibang PRO models feature an industry leading three year commercial warranty. All warranty is subject to annual servicing, ensuring your product always performs to the highest standards. The aluminium cutter deck also features a 25 year warranty proving the quality of workmanship.

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