Earth Augers / Soil Borers

An earth auger is a device designed to move solid or liquid material by means of a rotating helical flighting. The material is moved along the axis of rotation. An earth auger may also be used in agriculture or animal farming for digging post holes. A soil auger can be a manually turned, hand-held device, or powered by an electric motor or internal-combustion engine.

The Green Reaper has a selection of powered earth augers suitable for a variety of earth boring applications, available in models for one and two-man operation where dictated by job difficulty and soil hardness.  Tool options include auger bits in a variety of dimensions for maximum flexibility of operation.

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A range of earth auger, soil auger or post hole digger powerheads with both one man and two man models available



Auger bits in various dimensions compatible with our range of earth auger powerheads; ideal for a variety of earth boring applications

Auger Bits & Accessories

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