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Billy Goat

When it comes to property clean up, Billy Goat Industries features a complete range of product solutions for all your residential, commercial and municipal needs. Billy Goat is a family-owned and operated business located outside of Kansas City, Missouri.

For over 40 years, Billy Goat has designed and manufactured property cleanup products with a reputation for innovation, productivity and quality. In spring, consider Billy Goat’s dethatchers, aerators, over-seeders, sod cutters and chipper-vacs to knock out the annual “spring clean-up” of thatch, leaves, blooms, branches, seeds and other lawn and garden debris that has accumulated over the winter. In summer, Billy Goat’s HomePro mower is ideal for homeowners who want to save time, money and cut like a Pro! For knee high grass and brush, Billy Goat’s high weed mower and Outback brushcutter are proven performers. And in the autumn, when cleaning up the heavy leaf drop, Billy Goat offers the only full range of composite leaf blowers on the market, the fullest line-up of lawn and litter vacuums in the industry, as well as debris loaders that are all synonymous with professional productivity.

Within the UK and Ireland, Billy Goat is distributed exclusively by Henton & Chattell.

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