Hand Trimmers

RRP: £89.00
OUR PRICE: £79.00 (including VAT)
RRP: £99.00
OUR PRICE: £79.00 (including VAT)

Must-Have Hand Trimmers For Your Garden

The true gardening supremo doesn’t let the smallest tasks spoil the whole picture. Uniform and order necessitate a close eye for detail, and The Green Reaper knows you want to get into the crevices of your outdoor projects. That’s why we’ve selected an awesome array of hand trimmers, to get you knee-deep in precise horticulture that never falters from its best.

Whether you’re searching for general purpose pruners or shears that fit your palm, we’ve amassed a selection to get every inch of your garden up to snuff. Shrubs, hedges, and small trees will all feel the touch of these items which, with the right direction, can fit many requirements. Both large-scale cutting and light trims are easily carried out, changing to your garden’s seasonal character. 

Competing blade designs are available for short, sharp shocks, or wider areas of upkeep that need a little distance. Hand trimmers really are what you make of them, so browse what we have to offer, and don’t deny yourself a helping hand ever again.