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SOLO manufactures a complete range of garden equipment and arbour products, including; sprayers, chainsaws, brush cutters, lawn mowers, hedge trimmers, blowers and cultivators. In Australia, it distributes the no. 1 backpack sprayer used by city councils, contract gardeners, nursery professionals and rural farmers alike.

The ‘SOLO story’ begins in a small workshop in Stuttgart, Germany, where brothers Hans and Heinz Emmerich developed the first, small, two-stroke engine. In 1948, both the SOLO company and the KMS30 engine were born. Conceived as a power source for portable machines, the KMS30 was an incredible feat. It weighed 6.35kg yet produced 1.2hp, despite the ‘lightest’ industrial engines at that time being more than double its mass – weighing in at 15kg!

SOLO went on to innovate in other areas, but its reputation has always been defined by the provision of superior arbour products. Here, it ‘led the charge’ as one of the first companies to equip Australians with chainsaws and brush cutters!

Now, those characteristics that defined SOLO in 1948 – including its pioneering spirit, entrepreneurial courage and talent for innovation – are embodied by the second generation of the founding Emmerich family. In the 70 years that have since elapsed, SOLO has only consolidated its rank as a global leader of superior sprayer equipment manufacturing.

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Solo manual pressure sprayers are small, light and handy, yet robust and versatile, ideal for use around the house and garden

Solo Manual Sprayers


Carried on the operator's back, Solo knapsack sprayers allow greater flexibility and ensure spraying is accurate and efficient

Solo Backpack Sprayers


Solo wheeled sprayers take the work out of placing large volumes of liquid over bigger areas

Solo Wheeled Sprayers


A range of accessories to complement Solo sprayers

Solo Sprayer Accessories

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