RRP: £369.99
OUR PRICE: £319.99 (including VAT)
RRP: £429.99
OUR PRICE: £389.99 (including VAT)

The next generation in cutting your lawn is here! Webb cordless mower options provide complete freedom around your garden, are significantly quieter than petrol mowers and are environmentally friendly as no fuel is required.  The cost of running a cordless mower provides long term savings compared to petrol mowers plus there are no engine servicing costs to worry about.

Pros: Complete freedom and mobility around your garden, no cords, no petrol and no hassle of trying to start your engine with pull cords.  Approx. 7p per charge (depending on energy provider) with up to 35 minute run time. No emissions, no pull cords and no more trips to the fuel station. Webb cordless options available from £299.99

Cons: Larger lawn types may require a second battery to provide longer run times before charging.