Bertolini 400 Rear Tine Rotary Cultivator
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The new 400 rotary cultivator from Italian manufacturer Bertolini is ideal for home users with small gardens and allotments requiring periodic soil preparation for sowing, even in particularly difficult conditions.

The rear tine cultivator is equipped with a 50cm wide counter-rotating rotor assembly which facilitates work operations. The rotor turns in the opposite direction to the direction of rotation of the wheels, thus giving the operator the maximum control of the cultivator and significantly reducing transmitted vibration levels. The working depth can be adjusted with six different settings.

Driving the rotor is a powerful 182cc Emak K 700 H OHV engine. The recoil-starting machine has a two-speed gearbox with one forward plus one reverse gear, making it easier to manoeuvre, especially on sloping ground. The ON/OFF and accelerator controls are conveniently located on the handgrip for maximum accessibility. 

Weighing in at 75kg and featuring height-adjustable handles to suit the operator's posture, the Bertolini 400 rear tine cultivator has front ballast installed to improve stability during use.

Product specification

Brand: Bertolini
Engine: Emak
Engine Model: K 700 H OHV
Displacement: 182cc
Horsepower: 5.4hp
Start Method: Recoil
Transmission: With gears in oil bath
Gears: 1 forward + 1 reverse
Speeds: 1st: 1.45km/h, 1st R: 2.64km/h
Power Take-Off: Synchronised with forward travel
Tilling Width: 50cm
Working Depth Adjustment: 6 settings
Handle Type: Height adjustable
Wheel Size: 4.00-8"
Weight: 75kg
Warranty: 12 months
  • Wide counter-rotating rotor assembly to facilitate work operations
  • Rugged oil-bath gearbox with aluminium case and gears with worm screw to ensure the maximum working life
  • Vertically adjustable handlebars so the machine can be adapted to suite the operator’s posture
  • Gearbox with reverse to facilitate manoeuvres, especially on sloping terrain
  • Shaft drive (no belts)
  • On/off control integrated in the handgrip along with the accelerator lever for maximum accessibility and convenience
  • Front ballast installed as standard to improve machine stability during use
  • Adjustable rotor to control the working depth, with 6 different settings


Bertolini is an Emak S.p.A. trademark, member of the Yama Group. High standards are offered by all Bertolini machines in terms of performance, comfort and safety.

A technological heartbeat generated at Bagnolo in Piano in the Po Valley and pulsating across the five continents, taking Italian manufacturing excellence into gardens and woodland around the world.

The heart is that of the Emak Group, a leading European name in machinery and equipment for maintaining green spaces. In fact, the heart of an entrepeneurial tradition providing the enthusiasm and drive that has made Emak a major player on the international stage — thanks in no small measure to the industrial management skills and brilliant business acumen of the people appointed currently to lead the group.

Bertolini - our power, your passion

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