Chosen for their durability, power and uncompromising quality, The Green Reaper’s range of  chainsaws can comfortably deal with hardy branches and cut logs in a matter of seconds. These unerringly well-engineered machines have all been chosen because they’re robust, reliable and represent outstanding value for money - irrespective of whether you’re a domestic user or a professional tree surgeon.

With one of our chainsaws, a trained hand and a little practice, you’ll be able to cut stray branches and even whole trees down to size without breaking a sweat, or dedicating yourself to hours of arduous sawing. There’s a choice to suit every budget in the categories below, and you’ll notice that we offer a huge variety of different chainsaw types too - from petrol powered models made by Mitox, right through to more modern, battery powered options that sacrifice a little power for substantially reduced noise levels, and vastly reduced weight.

Our petrol chainsaws definitely pack the most punch; purring to life with a reassuringly throaty roar, they can be relied on to tackle anything from gnarled oak branches right through to small saplings, and they keep giving too, irrespective of how long you use them for, or how hard you push them. For quieter and more eco-conscious models, we’d recommend our range of electric chainsaws and, if you’re goal is precision, it’s worth pointing out that we also sell top handled models for more delicate tree surgery that needs to be conducted from a height.

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With some engines creeping up over the 80cc mark, our wide selection of petrol chainsaws is capable of bringing serious power to bear.

Petrol Chainsaws


For experienced tree surgeons only! Our top handle professional chainsaws provide unbeatable balance and control.

Top Handle Professional Chainsaws


Electric chainsaws are a plug-in solution if you are looking for a convenient, easy to use and low maintenance saw without compromising on power.

Electric Chainsaws


Eliminate wires, fumes and recoil starts with our range of environmentally-conscious cordless chainsaws equipped with up to 60 volts of li-ion battery power.

Cordless Chainsaws


Petrol, electric or battery powered, our choice of long reach chainsaws come in various lengths, including extensions that allow you to reach dizzy heights.

Pole Pruners - Pole Saws


Carry cases and universal bag will protect your saw from adverse weather and damp conditions.

Chainsaw Accessories