Efco MZ 2030 Compact Petrol Tiller
Efco MZ 2030 Compact Petrol Tiller Efco MZ 2030 Compact Petrol Tiller Efco MZ 2030 Compact Petrol Tiller Efco MZ 2030 Compact Petrol Tiller
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This compact rotary tiller from Italian manufacturer, Efco, is ideal for domestic users with small plots and gardens requiring periodic maintenance.

The Efco MZ 2030 petrol cultivator, which is powered by a Honda GX 25 four-stroke engine, is also designed for a variety of jobs such as preparing soil for grass seeding and digging furrows for planting flowers, shrubs and vegetables. The machine's versatility means that it can be used in combination with a selection of optional accessories such as roller brushes for cleaning patios, as well as other operations such as soil scarification and lawn edge tidying.

Equipped with the set of four blades supplied as standard, the Efco MZ 2030 has an operating width of 30cm. The blades are independent which enables the tiller to be operated with only two blades, limiting the tilling width to 15cm and permitting more precise work between narrowly spaced rows of plants such as potatoes. The blades are simple to remove and attach without the need for tools, and fit onto the shaft for straightforward adjustment of the operating width.

Engine guards allow the tiller to be rested upright, saving consididerable storage space, and they are also useful when carrying the machine. The flexibility of the Efco MZ 2030 is also enhanced by the 180 degree reversible handlebars which allow the machine to be pushed and used in conjunction with the optional accessories. Weighing 14kg, this mini tiller is easy to manoeuvre thanks to the transport wheels.

Product specification

Brand: Efco
Engine: Honda
Engine Model: GX 25
Displacement: 25cc
Gears: 1 foward
Transmission: In aluminium
Tilling Width: 4 blades: 30cm
2 blades: 15cm
Tines: 2 + 2 blades
Handle Type: Reversible
Dimensions: 125 x 100 x 30cm
Weight: 14kg
Warranty: 3 years

Meet the World's Lightest OHC Engine

Honda applied its superior engine technology to create the world's first 360° inclinable four-stroke engines. The ultra-lightweight GX 25 efficiently delivers the kind of cleaner, powerful, quiet performance that you would expect from a larger engine - but in a very compact package

Key Features

  • Supplied as standard with a set of four blades giving an operating width of 30 cm. The cutters are independent to enable operation with only two blades, thereby limiting the operating width to 15cm and permitting work between narrowly spaced rows of plants (such as potato plants, vegetable plants etc)
  • Available as accessories: set of four cutters designed for tilling soft or previously turned soil, one roller brush, one scarifier and one plough
  • Robust aluminium housing with spur gears and worm gear
  • 180° reversible handlebars which enable the operator to push the machine and use it with accessories such as the brush to tidy pavements or pedestrian walkways. Foldable for easy storage and transport (eg. in the boot of a car)
  • Integrated on/off control situated on the handgrip along with the accelerator lever for maximum accessibility and convenience
  • Simple blades which are easy to attach (without tools) and fit onto the shaft for straightforward adjustment of the operating width

Home-plus Range

A range of machines aimed at the home user, for tidying and cleaning the garden, cutting hedges and small trunks or stems, and DIY jobs in general. Characterised by lightweight and compact construction, to make the task of the operator that much simpler. Easy to start, easy to maintain, these are the ideal tools for getting things done quickly and neatly around the home


Efco manufactures a complete range of high performance garden machinery to meet every need. A technological heartbeat generated at Bagnolo in Piano in the Po Valley and pulsating across five continents, Efco, a brand of Emak Group, takes Italian manufacturing excellence into gardens and woodland around the world.

Lawn mowers, garden tractors, ride-on lawn mowers, brush cutters, hedge cutters, chainsaws, blowers and more ... all backed by a nationwide network of Efco specialist dealers.

Efco's programme of new product development has resulted in a truly comprehensive, constantly updated range of machines to meet the needs of users at every level, from leisure gardeners to estate and park groundsmen.

Efco products are engineered to give up to three times longer life than many leading brands and at prices up to 30% less.

Efco guarantees its products for three years for domestic use, subject to the manufacturer's "recommended routine maintenance" programme.

Efco - Our Power, Your Passion

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