Lawn Care Calendar

Spring lawn care 



  • Sweep up winter lawn debris to prevent mould
  • Roll lawn to level out uneven areas caused by freezing and thawing soil
  • Aerate to open up compacted soil
  • Overseed bare areas
  • Apply pre-emergent herbicide in early spring
  • Start mowing only after grass has started to actively grow again (Mower height depends on your species of grass and your climate, but the general rule is to mow slightly lower int he spring and fall; higher in summer)
  • Apply a light dressing of low-nitrogen fertiliser in late spring

Summer lawn care


  • Apply grub control product in early suummer
  • Mow grass regularly. (Adjust mower height in weather extremes: in drought conditions, mow higher and less often; in a wet season, mow slightly lower and more often)
  • Trim grass edges
  • Fertilise and feed if necesssary, but do not use these products during dry spells
  • Water grass deeply, but only when really needed
Autumn lawn care


  • Dethatch and sweep up debris
  • Aerate compacted soil if you did not do this in the spring
  • Overseed bare areas if you did not do this in the spring. Apply seed about a month before the first frost
  • Apply a light dressing of fertiliser once in early autumn and again in late autumn
  • For final mowing, raise the mower height slightly
  • Spray perennial weeds
Winter lawn care


  • Perform maintenance on lawn care equipment according to your owner's manuals
  • Sharpen mower blades
  • Remove fallen branches and winter debris as necessary
  • Apply fungicide in late autumn/early spring


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