Hand Lawn Aerators

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Keep Your Roots Healthy with Our Hand Lawn Aerators

Hand lawn aerators are an efficient and vital part of the maintenance of a healthy lawn, and we’re delighted to stock them here at The Green Reaper.

Aerating your lawn is a straightforward process; it’s simply a matter of creating small holes for air, water and nutrients to reach the roots of the grass, but the products we offer will help make things much easier and quicker. There are two types of aerators available; core aerators which produce a hole by removing a small area of soil like taking a core from an apple, and spiked aerators which push the soil down to create the hole.

A hand lawn aerator usually has an small plate with two or four prongs to create the hole and a long handle so that you can use it whilst standing. You can plunge it into the ground with your foot. A hand lawn aerator is suitable for most small gardens. The advantages of a manual aerator are control and convenience. Using a manual lawn aerator is a simple way to ensure that your grass can keep growing.