Safe Spraying Tips

Liquid fertilisers, herbicides and pesticides are convenient and effective.  We suggest that you follow a few basic guidelines to ensure they are also as possible.

•  Calibrate your sprayer according to product labelling. More product is not better and can instead be harmful.

•  Safe Spraying Tips

•  Wear rubber gloves when mixing and applying.

•  Wear a mask whenever a label directs it.

•  Spray only when winds are calm to prevent overspray and misapplication.

•  Don't spray when rain is expected.  Rain will dilute the effectiveness of the product you apply, and can also wash products into storm drains or onto a neighbour's property.

•  Carefully and thorougly rinse your sprayer after each use, and run clean water through the spray tip.  This helps prevent the mixing of products and misapplication.

•  Mark sprayers used with toxic chemicals accordingly, so that cross use does not pose a risk to children and animals.   

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