Hansa C7 Petrol Garden Chipper
Hansa C7 Petrol Garden Chipper Hansa C7 Petrol Garden Chipper Hansa C7 Petrol Garden Chipper Hansa C7 Petrol Garden Chipper
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If you maintain a substantial garden, the Hansa C7 petrol chipper is the ultimate weapon capable of tackling most garden debris including branches, general prunings, hedge cuttings, vines, flower stalks and even fibrous material.

Starting the C7 is easy thanks to the soft start engagement system. The 6.5 horsepower of the quality Honda GCX200 196cc four-stroke engine is transmitted to the cutting disk through a twin belt drive, which provides smooth running and protects the engine against shock loads.

Operating with two cutting knives, the heavy duty C7 has the appetite to chip branch material (green or dry) up to 70mm in diameter. 

With the Hansa C7 no pre-cutting is necessary and the branches are drawn into the input chute. The cutting blades shear the material against an adjustable hardened counterknife, or anvil. This action will be just as efficient in 10 years' time as on the first day of use, so long as the knives are kept sharp.

The extremely efficient self-feeding action can be attributed to the design of the rotor and the blade set up. The inertia generated by the large rotor disk creates enough momentum to continue cutting, as well as providing plenty of draught to discharge the mulch up to 4 metres away. The distance can be moved closer to the operating area, if desired, by adjusting the deflector on the chute. Having a discharge height of 0.7 metres makes the C7 model ideal for discharging onto a trailer or wheelbarrow, thus eliminating the need for any double handling of the material.

The simple design of the C7 allows full access to the inside of the machine by pivoting open the outlet chute, so that changing the blades for sharpening is simple and requires little effort. The blades can last anywhere up to 30 hours before requiring sharpening, depending on the type of material being handled. The cantilver rotor design allows stringy materials to be processed without running the risk of wrapping around the shaft.

Built to last, the housing, inlet and outlet chutes of Hansa chippers and shredders are made of solid steel, with no plastic components. The C7 is fitted with large pneuamtic wheels and integral handles for easy transportation, and rugged feet to keep the machine static during operation.

Product specification

Brand: Hansa
Engine: Honda
Engine Model: GX200
Engine Type: Petrol, 4-stroke
Displacement: 196cc
Horsepower: 6.5hp
Start Method: Recoil
Fuel Tank Capacity: 3.1L
Oil Tank Capacity: 0.6L
Chipping Knives: 2
Branch Diameter Max: 70mm
Shredder Hopper Opening: 130 x 150mm (at the blades)
Tyres: Pneumatic
Housing Material: 5mm steel plate
Front Bumper: Optional
Tow Hitch: Optional
Assembled Dimensions: L: 90cm x W: 65cm x H: 120cm
Weight: 93kg
Warranty: 2 years domestic based on product registration
No pre-cutting necessary
Easy to transport
Optional bumper
Optional tow bar with and without coupling


Hansa Products is an innovative family business based in Hamilton, New Zealand. Formed in 1980, Hansa prides itself on being a specialist in the design and manufacture of high quality wood and brush chippers. Hansa has been around long enough to say they know chippers, having built and sold over 25,000 and still counting. Hansa's focus is not to make the same chippers every day but to relentlessly sharpen each design.

Hansa employs the latest manufacturing technology such as CNC machining, folding and laser cutting to produce products with a high quality finish. All machines are Hansa's own design, developed over time from first hand experience in the field. As a small business, Hansa has to offer a superior product to remain competitive and stand apart from imported models in product quality, efficiency and solid build.

Hansa is always looking for new ways to create a better chipping experience. Its goal is to build products that help you to "hansform" your landscape, and work faster, better and safer than ever before.

The complete Hansa range is made in New Zealand and is backed by a one year warranty, whilst the engines are of top quality and warranted by their own manufacturers.

Hansa - Hansforming chipper at a time!

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May 19 2020
Aneurin Phillips
Pre and post sales service was excellent. I can highly recommend The Green Reaper. They showed care and understanding when placing the order and when I had problems with starting up the machine they replied promptly to the web request for assistance.