Solo 403 Classic 1.2 Litre Hand-Held Garden Sprayer
Solo 403 Classic 1.2 Litre Hand-Held Garden Sprayer Solo 403 Classic 1.2 Litre Hand-Held Garden Sprayer Solo 403 Classic 1.2 Litre Hand-Held Garden Sprayer Solo 403 Classic 1.2 Litre Hand-Held Garden Sprayer
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The Solo 403 is a quality, compact manual pressure sprayer. Small, lightweight and handy, the Solo 403 is nevertheless robust and versatile and is the perfect hand-held appliance for applying liquid plant protection inside the house, on patios, balconies or in convervatories.

The sprayer features a large filler neck which allows the 1.25 litre capacity tank to be filled cleanly, and any residues easily drained. The large pump lever can raise the internal pressure up to 2 bar, enabling you to apply almost the entire contents without additional pumping. The integral safety valve protects the sprayer against excessive pressure build-up.

The Solo 403 Classic garden sprayer is suitable for the application of liquid plant protection insecticides, herbicides and fertilisers, including Roundup.

Product specification

Brand: Solo Sprayers
Capacity: 1.25L
Pump: Piston
Maximum Pressure: 2.0 bar / 30psi
Weight: 0.5kg
Warranty: 2 years for domestic use
Transparent plastic tank with scale
Large filling aperture
Piston pump
Metal pump shaft
Sturdy pump lever
Stainless steel spray wand with adjustable, 180° pivoting universal nozzle and drift guard
High quality FKM seals ("Viton®")
Automatic safety valve
Ergonomically shaped, large robust handle with sufficient space to wear gloves
Moulded feet for a firm footing


The tradition of protecting and caring for plants and plantations goes right back to the early days of the company itself. It was founded over 70 years ago in 1948, in the wine producing area around Stuttgart. The plant protection sector soon became one of the applications for the small and lightweight two-stroke engine. At the time, the fledgling business still traded under the name "Kleinmotoren GmbH". Vineyard owners in and around Stuttgart were justifiably impressed by how much easier their work became as a result of this new generation of appliances. This innovation finally made it possible for someone to work on their own, that is to say "solo". It also explains how the current brand name came into being in the early days of this family-run business. Today, the company is run by the second generation of the same family.

All that followed is closely linked to the name SOLO: mobile plant protection technology that enjoys the best of reputations – all around the world, be it in German gardens, the vineyards of France, cocoa plantations in Africa, cotton fields in Asia and coffee plantations in South America. SOLO appliances are also used to disinfect larger buildings. In order to meet these diverse requirements, the range of plant protection appliances from SOLO provides everything you might need – from small, manually operated 1 litre sprayers to high performance backpack misters with large tank and powerful two-stroke engines. An extensive range of accessories rounds off SOLO plant protection appliances.

Classic, Comfort or Pro...

Whether you're an occasional user, a discerning private user or a professional, you're guaranteed to find the right product to suit your requirements in one of SOLO's three equipment lines. It goes without saying that CLASSIC sprayers are also of the same high quality you would expect from all SOLO products. The differences are found in the equipment features and ease of use. For example, all backpack sprayers in the COMFORT series and above are fitted as standard with FKM seals ("Viton®") in all the important places. Moreover, the PRO backpack sprayers feature a lightweight, telescopic spray wand and are especially comfortable to wear, preventing tiredness even after prolonged periods of use. The two battery-operated sprayers, power sprayer and two power misters are not only lightweight, but also offer a powerful output. Whether they use electric motors, 2-stroke SOLO engines or 4-stroke Honda engines, these tools combine high levels of performance and top quality.

In addition to sprayers and misters, the PRO series also features the 421 granulate spreader and the 467 backpack blower.

SOLO – Pioneers of Mobile Plant Protection Technology

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