Webb Electric Lawn Mowers

RRP: £89.99
OUR PRICE: £79.99 (including VAT)
RRP: £129.99
OUR PRICE: £99.99 (including VAT)
RRP: £149.99
OUR PRICE: £119.99 (including VAT)

Webb rotary electric mowers are perfect for small to medium sized gardens and provide a host of benefits.  Generally, these mowers are smaller in size compared to petrol mowers making them easy to manoeuvre.  They are great for getting into tight places such as around shrubs and borders or around trees.  The metal cutting blades combined with power deliver a good quality cut and have no problem picking up grass even if the lawn is slightly damp. They are compact in design and fold down to store in the smallest of storage spaces. 

Pros: Webb four-wheeled rotary electric are great for small to medium sized garden.  Lightweight and easy to manoeuvre providing a goof quality cut.  They handle uneven lawns or moderate slopes well due to the four-wheel design and lightweight design.  All Webb electric rotary mowers offer a single lever height adjustment which means you can switch between cutting heights from 25mm to 70mm with no effort at all.  All Webb mowers include a full mesh bag which allows airflow to move more freely thus collecting grass right to the bag of the collection bag which means you don’t need to empty grass clipping so often.  

Cons: Restricted by power cables and tend to offer a smaller cutting width.  If your garden is on the larger side, you may wish to consider a petrol or cordless mower for greater flexibility.  Also, they do not include grass rollers so if this is a requirement, you will need to look for a roller mower if you are planning on leaving stripes on your lawn.