WOLF-Garten Power Cut Pruning Saw PC370MS
WOLF-Garten Power Cut Pruning Saw PC370MS WOLF-Garten Power Cut Pruning Saw PC370MS
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This WOLF-Garten pruning saw features a curved Swedish Steel blade which enables effortless and powerful sawing at an optimal angle.

The specially designed pull teeth maximise cutting performance and will leave a smooth cutting surface to prevent bacterial infection. The integrated safety clip prevents accidental release when working in trees and the soft-touch ergonomically designed handle is shaped for safe and secure working. The saw also comes with a reusable blade cover.

This tool has a built in adapter for Multi-Change handles®.

N.B. This item is not compatible with the multi-change® ZMAD, ZM02, ZM04, ZMI12 and ZMI15 handles

Product specification

Brand: WOLF-Garten
Assembled Dimensions: L: 67cm x W: 16cm x H: 15cm
Weight: 0.41kg
Warranty: 35 years


WOLF-Garten thoroughly tested!  

For more than half a century, WOLF-Garten has been working towards one important aim; to provide gardening tools and machiney of premium quality and performance that help make gardening easier and more enjoyable.

In the UK, WOLF-Garten is better known for its high quality garden tools. Manufactured in Germany to the highest engineering standards and using only the best raw materials, every product in the WOLF-Garten range is put through rigorous quality control tests to ensure it meets WOLF-Garten's exceptionally high expectations.

For WOLF-Garten, being good means getting even better. WOLF-Garten stands for quality and competence in all matters concerning lawns. The company continues to develop its products and constantly takes its customers' wishes and demands into account.

In 2007 WOLF-Garten was distinguished as "Brand of the Century". The WOLF-Garten brand name stands for the quality of each and every product. You can rely on this since the outstanding properties of its products have been tested and confirmed by independent experts and official channels in numerous tests and competitions again and again. This is evidenced by the large number of quality seals on WOLF-Garten products. Whether it's the top rating from a consumer testing association, safety-relevant test results from VDE, TüV or LGA, recognition by DLG, awards such as "Product of the Year" for exceptional design quality and special suitability for use - all these quality seals are your guarantee that you have chosen WOLF-Garten as the right option for quality, safety, function, handling, durability and environmental compatibility.

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5 Star Rating
Jul 11 2020
Works a treat, once you’ve got the hang of it. The blade slots easily and securely into the Wolf-Garten telescopic pole ZMV4 (it does NOT fit the smaller Wolf-Garten pole used for garden implements, brooms etc). The pole extends very simply in 40cm increments from 2.2m to 4.0m. The saw teeth really are very sharp indeed, so proper gloves are essential. The teeth point backwards (like a shark’s teeth), and the cutting stroke is the downward ‘pulling’ stroke. Start with light strokes, otherwise you’ll end up pushing the branch to and fro rather than sawing it. Use the lower end of the blade to avoid excessive blade flex. For me, this blade works best on branches 2”-5” (5cm-13cm). It would almost certainly cut bigger branches, but I haven’t tried. Easiest if you saw branches near their base where the branch can’t flex. With smaller, more supple branches, the teeth tend to snag on the branch and you can end up pushing the branch backwards and forwards rather than sawing it. Usual caveats – a naked saw blade with razor sharp steel teeth on the end of a twelve-foot pole can do very nasty damage. Make sure you know where your branch will fall and that you won’t need to take sudden evasive action. I’d recommend carrying pole and blade separately and disassembling immediately once your job is finished.
Mar 17 2019
Nov 04 2017
Perfect! Fits my old pole that is at least 20 years old & is very sharp, so perfect for hand cutting or at the end of the pole